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Fungal Toenails

Fungus is all around us, some good, some bad. Some we eat, some that are quite gross, some that can poison us, and some that will grow on us. Donald Trump’s approval rating keeps ticking down over the last few weeks and now stands at around 38%. There are some that love President Trump, some that hate him, and, to borrow a line for an e-card I saw recently, President Trump is growing on some people like a fungus. But I digress. As I mentioned earlier, some fungus is good (penicillin is derived from a fungus, and some fungi are delicious), while other fungi can be bad (poisonous if eaten or can cause infection).Read More

The Right Shoes For The Job

There are many types of shoes. One shoe may be perfect for one job or situation and completely wrong for another. To state the obvious, winter boots are just right for an outing to your favorite winter cabin in December, but when it comes to a day at the beach, your feet would be hot, water logged and full of sand.

Currently and in the recent past, both basketball and bobsledding have been in the news. Although it’s anything could happen, it’s looking like the Cleveland Cavaliers with LeBron James with go to the finals against The Golden State Warriors with Steven Curry. Read More

The Heel Spur Myth

There are myths all around us. Some are funny and some are confusing. Have you heard the one about Mr. Rogers? According to the myth, he was a navy seal sniper in Vietnam. Or, there’s the myth about Walt Disney being frozen in one of the theme park vaults, with the hope of bringing him back to life once the technology is available. There are also rumors that Jennifer Lopez insured her caboose for $300,000 and Tom Jones had his chest hair insured for over $6 million. All of these myths or rumors have been floating around for years, but when the truth comes out, none of them are true and the celebrity finds them quite humorous.Read More

Does An Infected Toe Have You Worried?

Many people come into my podiatry office with ingrown toenails which can be a cause of moderate to severe foot pain. Often it’s not their first ingrown toenail and in the past, they have been able to get rid of it themselves, but this time, after digging at the offending nail, it has only gotten worse and is now infected. Yeah, your good intention has now ended in defeat and you have even made the problem worse; but there’s no need to beat yourself up. We all make mistakes, even when trying to make things better.Read More

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