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Does An Infected Toe Have You Worried?

Many people come into my podiatry office with ingrown toenails which can be a cause of moderate to severe foot pain. Often it’s not their first ingrown toenail and in the past, they have been able to get rid of it themselves, but this time, after digging at the offending nail, it has only gotten worse and is now infected. Yeah, your good intention has now ended in defeat and you have even made the problem worse; but there’s no need to beat yourself up. We all make mistakes, even when trying to make things better.

Recently, even the great Indiana Jones and the amazing pilot Han Solo made a rookie mistake. Harrison Ford said he felt pretty embarrassed after making a landing on a taxiway rather than a runway, flying very close to an airliner which was on the same taxiway with 116 people onboard. There were no injuries or damages, other than Harrison Ford’s ego. He told the air traffic controller that he was distracted by an airliner and by some heavy turbulence and felt pretty dumb after confusing the taxiway with a parallel runway.

In the end, the only foolish mistake to make is to not take care or your ingrown and infected toe the correct way. Let a medical professional and foot specialist at Grand Central Podiatry, conveniently located near Grand Central Station, help ease your pain, help rid you of the infection, and possibly even stop future ingrown nails from happening. Call us today, and in the meantime, apply some antibiotic ointment to the area and cover it with a Band-Aid.

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