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The Heel Spur Myth

There are myths all around us. Some are funny and some are confusing. Have you heard the one about Mr. Rogers? According to the myth, he was a navy seal sniper in Vietnam. Or, there’s the myth about Walt Disney being frozen in one of the theme park vaults, with the hope of bringing him back to life once the technology is available. There are also rumors that Jennifer Lopez insured her caboose for $300,000 and Tom Jones had his chest hair insured for over $6 million. All of these myths or rumors have been floating around for years, but when the truth comes out, none of them are true and the celebrity finds them quite humorous.

There are also myths, or maybe more accurately, misunderstandings, in medicine and health. One of those misunderstandings is that heel spurs cause pain. While it is true that some heel spurs may become cracked or cause pressure and cause pain, this is rarely the situation. In fact, only one in twenty people with heel spurs will have heel pain.

The more common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis. This is a condition where a strong band of tissue that helps support the arch of the foot becomes irritated and inflamed. The band attaches to the heel, and with repetitive impact, such as running or sports, or just being on your feet all day or an increase in weight, or even something as simple as wearing poorly supporting shoes, can cause strain on the band. The body tries to heal the band, which causes inflammation and pain in the area, especially with your first few steps when getting out of bed or out of a chair. If you have ever had this conditions, you know exactly what I mean, and know it is not a fun condition to have.

If you are suffering with heel pain or any other foot or ankle condition, stop by Grand Central Podiatry in Midtown Manhattan. We can help relieve your pain and debunk any other myths you may have heard.

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