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The Right Shoes For The Job

There are many types of shoes. One shoe may be perfect for one job or situation and completely wrong for another. To state the obvious, winter boots are just right for an outing to your favorite winter cabin in December, but when it comes to a day at the beach, your feet would be hot, water logged and full of sand.

Currently and in the recent past, both basketball and bobsledding have been in the news. Although it’s anything could happen, it’s looking like the Cleveland Cavaliers with LeBron James with go to the finals against The Golden State Warriors with Steven Curry. In fact, both Steven Curry and LeBron have their own basketball shoes named after them. Both shoes sport a high top with great ankle support and midfoot support with plenty of cushioning all around comfort. Both are perfect for playing basketball.

In other recent news, on a bit sadder note, U.S. bobsled gold medalist Steven Holcomb passed away at the age of 37. Early in his life, he had been diagnosed with a condition that leads to blindness, yet despite this he when on to be an amazing bobsled pilot and win a gold medal at the Vancouver Olympics. As a bobsledder, he wore shoe specially designed for the job with a low top similar to a running shoe and hundreds of small spikes on the bottom front half of the shoe, perfect for running on ice.

So, what type of shoe do you need? Are you a runner, golfer, walker or diabetic with peripheral neuropathy? Regardless of where you fall, there are shoes designed just for your situation and hobby. Common to all good shoes is a firm sole in the mid-foot with good arch support and good heel support. The next time you’re looking for shoes, try bending the shoe in half. If it bends in the middle (the arch area) it’s probably not the best shoe, If it bends near the ball of the foot, that is a good sign. Also, see how firm the back-side of the shoe is. Grab the part of the shoe that goes around your heel, and see if it will fold over, again, if it does, not a good sign.

It is especially important to get the right shoes if you are diabetic and have limited feeling in your feet. In this situation, you are best served by getting a foot and ankle specialist from Grand Central Podiatry on your team. Schedule a visit and come see us near Grand Central Station. We can assess your foot needs and help you find the right shoe for all your situations.

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